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Ready to Take a Deeper Look?

If you’re a business leader, manager, professional, salesperson, or just someone who wants your life to have more meaning and purpose, we can help. 

Would you like your life to bring you a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfillment? You can, if you’re willing to look beneath the surface at the real issues that impact your life.

There are no shortcuts to success or happiness. The question is, are you ready to accept the challenge of change? We work with people who are ready to take the next step, to take a deeper look.

“If you want to have something you’ve never had before,     you have to do something you’ve never done before.”

Using the science of Axiology we can help you see, understand and accept yourself unconditionally; and show you how to make far better use of your natural talents without getting in your own way

Are you ready to create a life and a business that is not only valuable, but is based on your values? If you’re ready to take a deeper look, to take the next step, give us a call.

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One of our Valued Clients...

"I made initial contact with Harvey Schoof in the fall of 1997. I was looking for an instrument to measure decision making. What I got was a very powerful tool that has been used as the cornerstone for our leadership training and to help us make better employment decisions. Finding the "Value Profile" was truly a stroke of luck as it has been identified by most of our senior managers as the best feedback information they have ever received. The "Value Profile" and Harvey's ability to provide us consultation has been invaluable."

Steve Koon, Ph.D.
Manager, Organizational Development & Training

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