About Us

Insight Consulting, Inc. is a professional coaching firm that specializes in identifying the thought patterns that impact personal and professional potential. Our mission is to help people create the long-term results they want in their business and personal life. We have provided personal and organizational development coaching for more than seven thousand people, helping them learn how to make their lives and their organizations find greater meaning, purpose and satisfaction.

Harvey SchoofInsight Consulting, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Harvey Schoof. 
Harvey has nearly forty years of experience in personal and organizational coaching. His coaching experience has included construction, manufacturing, banking, retail, service as well as city, state, federal and non-profit agencies. Over the years he has learned to build trust relationships with owners, managers and workers from a wide diversity of backgrounds. His services include personal coaching, leadership training, personal and organizational assessment, team development, and employee selection assistance.

As a recognized expert in Axiology, the science of human values, Harvey helps leaders discover and use their greatest talents.