The Science of Human Values

An Assessment and Guidance System for Improving Personal Performance

Five decades of research went into creating the Hartman Value Profile. This groundbreaking mathematical system accurately and objectively analyzes how our "values" effect our performance.

Dr. Robert S. Hartman was nominated for the Nobel Prize for his contributions in value measurement using Axiology. Hartman's value mathematics makes it possible to measure human values as accurately as a thermometer measures temperature.  Hartman's "Value Profile" makes it possible for us to identify the underlying talents and development needs of key people and provide specific recommendations for coaching, training and placement. Over 100 studies have been used to validate the Axiological model including an extensive study using a database of over 40,000 people from executives to entry level workers.  Axiology, the science of human values, enables us to identify the internal valuing systems that influence our perceptions, decisions and actions - to clearly understand "why" we do what we do!

Businesses in the USA and Europe have discovered the value of Axiology using the Hartman Value Profile to assess talents and develop performance improvement plans for their key people.

The Hartman Value Profile meets all of the EEOC requirements.
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