Key Features of Value Science

Dr. Hartman's creation of value mathematics has revolutionized the process of understanding values and valuation. Axiology provides a universal frame of reference for understanding a person's perceptions demonstrating why an individual sees or perceives a situation as he or she does, showing what access a person has to natural talents and explaining why a person's behavior is as it is.

Through axiological analysis, the unique patterns which belong to each individual can be observed and studied in an objective format, can be compared to those patterns which belong to other individuals and can be integrated into actual problem situations.

The objective evaluation of each person's value patterns serves as a means of helping an individual understand his or her potential for development and the blocks which can inhibit personal growth. As a result, the integrity, which comes from a person's unique character, can be protected which, at the same, time, the conflicts which can and do occur because of this unique individuality can be understood, and can possibly be prevented or defused.