The Science of Axiology

Axiology is the science of value. The word 'axiology', derived from two Greek roots 'axios' (worth or value) and 'logos' (logic or theory), means the theory of value. The development of the science makes possible the objective measurement of value as accurately as a thermometer measures heat.

The quest for a science of value originated with early Greek philosophers and culminated in the work of Dr. Robert S. Hartman. Facing the inhumanity accompanying Hitler's rise to power in pre-war Germany, Hartman envisioned a science which could organize "good" as effectively as the Nazis organized "evil." Dr. Hartman dedicated his life to the realization of this vision, and after years of research, created a new mathematical system which successfully orders the values of our everyday experiences.

Axiology has many benefits. It generates new knowledge about the everyday world and creates a frame of reference which provides a new way of looking at ourselves and our environment. What's even more important is the knowledge axiology provides is objective and independent of any one observer.