The Value Profile Instruments

Axiology measures a person's capacity to value. Since valuation is a natural, logical activity of the human mind, value profiles measure how the thinking process functions. The capacity for valuation can be compared to a person's talent for music or sports.

Each person has certain innate or inborn skills and aptitudes. Some individuals have better developed natural value talent and can therefore make better value decisions. These individuals have sharper perceptions, make decisions which are almost always right on target, create original ideas and innovative ways to solve problems and have dynamic, positive attitudes.

Value talent, like musical or sports talent, can also be learned and improved. The first step in the learning process is identifying the level of development of one's value talent. Value profiles are the instruments which accomplish the measurement of value talent.

Value profiles can be created to measure any concept or value activity. For example, Dr. Hartman created a profile which measures the general ability to see world values and self values (The Hartman Value Profile).