Value Mathematics

Realizing that the primary difference between natural order and moral disorder lay in the mathematics which orders the natural world, Dr. Hartman set out to discover a value mathematics. In a stroke of genius comparable to the discoveries of Galileo, Newton, and Einstein, he discovered the principles which order and structure not only our moral decisions but all value judgments. From these principles, Dr. Hartman constructed a value mathematics which can and does bring order to our value world.

The central structure of axiology is Dr. Hartman's value mathematics. This concept makes possible the measurement of value as accurately as a thermometer measures heat, and in so doing becomes the standard, or measuring rod, for the whole world of values.

Dr. Hartman's discovery has a multitude of applications in fields as far ranging as psychology, sociology, psychiatry, law, theology, political science, finance, and decision theory. Even though Dr. Hartman died in 1973, his work, both on a theoretical and practical level, has been pursued in the United States, Sweden, Germany, and Mexico. He laid the foundation for axiology, value science, and, in so doing, began a revolution in thinking which is just beginning to emerge.