Employee Selection

One of the biggest challenges for every employer is hiring the right people.  Unfortunately the idea of “What you see is what you get!” seldom works in interviews. Imagine how different your hiring experiences would be if you could objectively “know” how your candidate thinks, how they make decisions, and how they are likely to act and interact on the job before you hire them.

How helpful would it be to know which strengths and challenges people will bring to your table?

Now imagine what it would be like to have someone who could help you not only pick the best people, but could also provide their manager with insights on how they can maximize their new employee’s performance once they are on the job?

Our Candidate Assessment Service not only assesses how a candidate thinks, it can also assess how well they will fit into your organization’s culture, how well their thinking and interpersonal skills match the job, and how best to manage, lead, and develop them.

Using our scientifically-validated online VQ Candidate Profile (it takes less than 15 minutes to complete) we can quickly measure and identify both the assets and potential liabilities that a candidate will bring to your organization. We measure the thinking that will influence the candidate’s on the job performance. These “need to know” insights can lead you to making better hiring decisions and managing your new hire more effectively.