Team Development

Whether your meaning for “Team” relates to your entire organization and its culture, a division within the organization, or a small project group, they all require that people with unique perspectives work together to achieve a common purpose. Every teams success is greatly determined by its ability to fulfill its purpose and maximize value creation for everyone involved, but this is much easier said than done.

To assure better results we teach team members the principles of value creation, which enables teams to gain clarity of purpose, find common ground on the attributes necessary to achieve their purpose and to encourage others to bring their best thinking to the team.

Then, using the VQ Cultural Assessment we identify the dominate thinking patterns of the team and the unique and different perspectives that individuals bring to the table.  The insights gained from this approach help teams tap into the best that each person has to offer rather that allowing their differences to undermine their efforts. Once team members recognize the value each person can bring to the team they become more open and accepting of one another and more focused on collaboration than on competition.