Reengineering Your Corporation

Reengineering is a system that asks us to think about the process of work in a unique and different way. It asks us to address how we can best meet the customer’s needs rather than how we can improve our current systems.

Making reengineering work demands that the organization and its people are both willing and able to let go of how things have been done in the past in favor of new innovative approaches that lead to achieving the results that really matter to their customers.

While reengineering concepts and skills can be learned, little meaningful change will occur unless those in charge are up to the challenges it presents. With few exceptions, changes must happen in the heads and hearts of the people who must do the work as well as in the processes of the organization. Knowing peoples’ potential for handling the challenges that reengineering will bring can give leaders valuable insights into what they can expect from individuals and groups whose cooperation may be essential to reengineering success.

We can help you understand the critical performance characteristics that most dramatically influence the thinking, decisions and actions of individuals, teams, departments, divisions and the entire organization. We can provide objective measures of peoples’ capacity for any or all of over 50 specific concepts that influence one’s capacity for managing and working effectively in an innovative and changing environment.

The tool we use is called the Value Profile. This remarkable scientific and objective approach to understanding how personal values influence everything we do, has only recently emerged out of academia and become available to the business community.

Using this fundamental system, we can give people the information to solve problems which result in most, if not all, of the problems which we generally find ourselves confronted with day after day. We can show them how open key people are to change. It will tell if they are willing to coach employees or empower them. Can they deal with the challenges of the change process? Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you prepare for and implement the reengineering process.


Harvey Schoof is a founding partner of Axiogenics, LLC, an international coach training organization. He’s known as an expert in the science of applied Axiology, training coaches across North America, Europe, and Australia. As a consultant and coach, Harvey has worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of managers for 35+ years sharing his insights to assist them in becoming more “valuegenic” in their personal and professional lives.

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