The VQ program turned my life around and played a major role in helping me build a very effective design team that followed me to my current employer. With what we learned about ourselves and how to work together, we have developed a close and trusting relationship. I’ve continued to benefit from what I’ve learned and continue to use this program with new employees as our group expands.

Tom Reder, Regional Business Segment Manager – ‎Bergmann Associates

While a partner at KPMG we used the VQ Profile to uncover individual and team dynamics that were impacting the performance of our management teams all over the country. The information and insights gained by our leadership not only helped us approach our jobs more effectively, it actually helped us recognize and dismantle organizational obstacles that had been keeping us from creating the culture we’d been working toward.

Dave Rodziewicz, Rodziewicz Law, PL.

As the Manager of Organizational Development & Training at Ferrell Gas I was looking for an instrument to measure decision making. What I got was a very powerful system that became the cornerstone for our leadership training and helped us make better employment decisions.

Finding the VQ Profile and coaching system was truly a stroke of luck. It was identified by most of our senior managers as the best feedback information they’ve ever received.

Steve Koon, Ph.D., President at Robertson-Williams Transport

Over the past 20 years I’ve taken The Axiogenics VQ Profile system into three different organizations. In each one the responses to the insights people gained were extremely positive and enabled dozens of colleagues and me to progress and exploit our strengths to our own benefit as well as our employees. This system provides highly focused and accurate insight on how people think and operate and has made major differences in how our people handle their jobs and manage their people. After nearly a decade of applying this system at Clark Construction, our executives and managers use it not only for self-development, but also to help them in candidate selection, onboarding and supporting people who are having performance problems.

Loic Couraud, HR Manager – Clark Construction